It’s been a great summer... / by Alyson Cameron

Preparing for the debut of Fido at EICMA!

Since we last wrote, we've been busy not only finalizing the bike we will take to EICMA in November, but also learning more about the amazing space we've landed in, engaging in our community, doing interviews and hearing from you! We are truly enjoying every minute of it. Read on for the details...

Dyno Testing

We recently put our test bike on a dyno and are happy to say that our projected numbers were confirmed!

Fido Headquarters history

The building where our manufacturing will take place has an inspiring history, and much of it is locomotive! We've spent a good deal of time looking up anything and everything we can find about our new space and we've found ties to buggies, trolley wheels, and Gibson banjo parts to name a few. We are looking forward to continuing the history-making!

A Maker Village

With two buildings worth of extra space on our hands, we wanted to come up with a way to make good use of it; both for Fido and for Kalamazoo. We're planning to create a hub where small manufacturing, tinkering, creating, learning and inventing can take place. We plan to lease space to small businesses as well as to a maker space that will offer workshops and classes. We are still developing this idea, and are very excited about it. We're calling this village, Jericho.

In the meantime, read this article that we were included in along with three other awesome Kalamazoo businesses.

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