Progress at Fido / by jeb gast

Every day are one step closer to production Fido, we are trudging through paperwork and scaling mountains of regulation. A battle against electric vehicle oppression. Fido will prevail! 

In truth its hard to make paperwork sound interesting. Or any material sourcing exciting. I suppose thats why Discovery doesn't have a reality series about metal buying, or machining; that would have very narrow market appeal. 

We are road testing! and making the fine tune adjustments that will be on the production bike. Most of the tuning is digital; hooking up a computer and telling the controller to change the way throttle input is handled or how much regenerative braking to apply. But we are also tuning the suspension; finding the right shocks to give a firm comfortable ride. And lets not forget about fun, we are turning the fun up to its max position.

Other points of interest. Bones the dog loves to ride the Fido.

So if you have a dog, and plan on getting a Fido, you should also plan on giving said dog rides.

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