A short introduction. / by Nick Jobbitt

Hello! My name is Nick and I am new here at Fido, three months new to be exact. Since I've been the person tasked to update the Fido Blog, I'm indirectly tasked to write up my own introduction. I imagine this is how it feels to write a autobiography.

To the right is a picture of me with an awkward look after just shooting my first Fido; these things are fast! You have to sneak up on them. Really this was the best way to work on the wire mess that happened around the controller. One step closer to having a final wiring harness.

Instead of me talking about myself lets go over some of the common questions I get.

What did you do before you worked at Fido?

I managed the Full Blown Color side of Kalblue. They do banners and poster and trade show graphics and wall coverings. Check them out for any of your wide format printing needs.

But, that has nothing to do with electric scooters.

You are correct, it doesn't. What my old job doesn't say about me is I like to know how things work, take them apart, put them together; a tinker some might say. I also love anything on two wheels, motorcycles, scooters, even mopeds. Fido is something that I want to do and help create. 

Okay, how did you get the job then?

Not really sure, it was one of the strangest interview processes I've gone through though. 

Do you get to ride Fido?

Yes, here is a video of me riding Fido.

Is it fun to work there? I bet its fun.

Its easy to picture me riding Fido around all day "testing it". Is it fun to work here? Yes. Is it still work? Yes.

What do you do at Fido?

Whatever needs to be done that day. Contacting and following up with vendors and partners, finding new vendors, discussing design direction, ordering parts, working on Fido, test riding Fido, building battery packs, calling the city about the hot tub of tires behind our building (on city land), and so on. Some times I do yard work to make this place look better. 

That about wraps it up, see you next time.


TL:DR - Hello I'm Nick I work at Fido.